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Thread: Memoryboard 4

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    Memoryboard 4

    Got a couple of question about it:
    1. Is there a schematics for it? I looked on github, but only pictures and parts list.
    2. Is there a reason why Paul doesn't (or can't) sell at least the bare PCB?
    $5.50 is not much from OSHPark , but I'll most likely end up with two extra boards I may never use. For me it would be much simpler if I could order everything (audio board + related items) from one place.

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    I'm speculating, but If there isn't enough demand, it may not be worthwhile for Paul and Robin to spend time supporting another SKU. By the time you factor in the time costs for Paul to order, track and store inventory, maintain a product page, provide support, etc. he'd probably have to charge a lot more than $5.50. Then people would just buy from OSHPark because it's cheaper.

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