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Thread: Where are the chip configuration details (or the "Chip-specific" sub-chapters)?

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    Where are the chip configuration details (or the "Chip-specific" sub-chapters)?


    I have been looking into PDB, DAC and other internals of the Teensy 3.6 microcontroller chip.
    The "MK66FX1M0 Manual" frequently refers to "chip configuration details", but I cannot find the relevant information in either the manual nor the datasheet.

    To give a specific example, currently I try to find out more about Trigger Input Sources for the PDB (page 1113, chapter 44.4.1 in the manual):

    Trigger Input Source Select
    Selects the trigger input source for the PDB. The trigger input source can be internal or external (EXTRG pin), or the software trigger. Refer to chip configuration details for the actual PDB input trigger connections.
    What I really want to find out is what trigger input sources exist and what they are (and what ultimately causes them to be activated). "Trigger-In 0" .. "Trigger-In 14" and external hardware trigger are a little unspecific .

    I know there are some complex interactions between various devices, but is there maybe an overview that shows what triggers what?

    Chapter 44.5.2 is equally inconclusive:
    For the trigger input sources implemented in this MCU, see chip configuration information.
    Partial answer:
    I found "44.1 Chip-specific PDB information". So the rule is likely to always look for the "Chip-specific" chapters at the beginning of a topic describing a chip module.

    Reading other threads from NXP forums there was a mention of chapter 3 called chip configuration details, but this is probably not current information, since I couldn't find any chapter like this in the manual/datasheet.

    I'll probably be back to ask something more specific, because I remember reading that chapter (44.1 Chip-specific PDB information) and finding it still not specific/clear enough.

    If anybody has more information on other information sources / clearer overviews, I'd be interested.

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    Freescale's reference manuals have quite a lot of lazy copy-and-paste style.

    In earlier chips they put all the chip specific stuff in chapter 3. For the K66 chip, they started putting most of it into the first part of each chapter. It still feels very disjointed when reading. Stuff like the interrupt assignments is still at the beginning. Lots of little details are still buried in the SIM chapter.

    I've personally never tried the PDB trigger signals, so this is a part of the chip where I have no experience. Sorry, not very helpful, but I can at least share your pain of how poorly written Freescale's documentation is.

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    Thanks, you gave me some other hints on where to look for information

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