Hey all - new to the teensy enviroment but looks absolutely top class and a great community.

Have a question - how many layers are the boards for teensy? Specifically the 3.2 and 3.5 variants. I had a look on the site but all I could find was a pcb layout for the mp3 player - https://www.pjrc.com/mp3/pcb_layout_reva.html

If there is pcb layouts hidden somewhere else for 3.2/3.5 would be very grateful if someone could point them out - but I understand if they are proprietary. I found the schematics fine but I've never worked with a chip as fast as a teensy (coming over from arduino/atmega328's which are pretty forgiving) and am curious how they are routed/if it is possible on 2 layer board without problems.

I am interested in eventually developing a product using the chip that is constrained to 14mm width so will need to make a standalone version but I am interested see how the current one is laid out. Or just to know the no of layers.

Many thanks