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Thread: unwanted solder bridge, Serial3 to ground

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    unwanted solder bridge, Serial3 to ground

    I had an unwanted solder bridge, Serial3 (RX3 / TX3) to ground.
    Now Serial3 is not working anymore, Serial1 and Serial2 are working (for testing I have changed the code). Can it be that the Teensy 3.2 is sensitive to the serial ports?s sensitive?

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    Be happy that “only” Serial3 is broken. With a bit of luck, you might use these pins still as GPIO pins (check with an oscilloscope or a multimeter). Shorts to ground can theoretically kill the whole Teensy, thus you had still luck. But to prevent unwanted long term effects, I’d considering ordering a new one, or better two or three. It is always good to have a few spares in the drawer in case such “ooops” situations happen.

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