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Thread: TEENSY 3.1 - 64x32 RGB LED MATRIX

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    TEENSY 3.1 - 64x32 RGB LED MATRIX

    Good day people,

    I'm seeking your advice regarding my project. I'm creating a digital sign using 3 64x32 rgb led matrices from to display messages and cool patterns, in addition i will use a teensy 3.1 micro controller to run it. The setup was taken from and works successfully with 1 matrix, however my question is, is the teensy 3.1 powerfully enough to run 3 of them? Thank you in advance.

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    SmartMatrix creator here: it's likely not powerful enough. It can handle 2x 64x32 with some compromises in color depth and refresh rate. 3x is too much. The SmartLED Shield V4 supports using a Teensy 3.6, and though I haven't tested it myself, should support 3x 64x32 matrices.

    You can see what another user has done with a Teensy 3.6 and 192x64 pixel setup here:

    The SmartLED Shield V4 is out of stock right now, but I'm working on getting a larger batch sent off to Adafruit. The assembly is done but the manufacturer needs to put together a test fixture to test them before shipping. I'm hoping they're back in stock late-January or early-Februrary.

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