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Thread: USB Soundcard with additional control (Audio and Serial simultaneously?)

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    USB Soundcard with additional control (Audio and Serial simultaneously?)

    Hi there.

    I'm looking to build a project where I need to emulate a USB sound card, but also allow serial control data to be sent to the device also, to control some non-audio related things (primarily, some WS2812b LEDs attached).

    Is it possible to have an Audio device and a Serial device at the same time? From what I understand I'd need to edit "usb_desc.h", but I wondered if there are any special considerations when running it in Audio mode...


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    You should be able to do both Audio and Serial as there are a few different USB types you can currently choose from the Tools=>USB Type menu, which includes both.
    like: Audio, MIDI, Serial

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    In addition to selecting the right combination in Tools > USB Type, you'll probably also want to use WS2812Serial to control those WS2812B LEDs. Or if you use FastLED, use the WS2812Serial driver. The normal FastLED driver and Adafruit_NeoPixel will interfere with audio streaming if you use more than about a dozen LEDs.

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