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Thread: Need More RAM (756k) As in MPC5748G S32K

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    Need More RAM (756k) As in MPC5748G S32K

    Hi PJRC,

    Please let me know if you have any processor which have RAM of 756kb or above.

    i need it so i can use arduino IDE.

    Thanks in advance


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    Sorry, no Teensy has this much RAM. 256K is the max, in Teensy 3.6.

    In fact, I'm not aware of any Arduino compatible board using a microcontroller which has that much RAM. The most I've see is this ChipKit board with 512K.

    Arduino and Microsoft some time ago announced a way to program PC-class hardware with "virtual shields". I know almost nothing about it, and so far I've not heard of anyone actually using if for a successful project (which makes me quite skeptical), but if you want to find it just google for "arduino windows 10 iot".

    Or watch this 2 minute video.

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