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Thread: how to get 32 bit shift register working - HV5523

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    how to get 32 bit shift register working - HV5523

    I am on a teensy 3.2 and want to use the open drain function of the HV5523 (by Microchip) shift register.

    The ShiftPWM library is for 8 bit data.

    But the HV5523 has 32 output pins which means it needs 32 bit data shifted out.

    I found this thread for 32 bit data:

    But also seems to want a clockEnablePin. Da I just ignore it for the chip?

    int ploadPin = 8;
    int clockEnablePin = ??;
    int dataPin = 11
    int clockPin = 13;

    Is there a library I should rather use?
    Thanks for any advice.

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    seems like this example works.

    right now I am just shifting out the same 8 bit pattern to all 32 LED.
    next test is to see how to make each LED get a unique signal.

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