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Thread: Bug in kinetis.h for Teensy 3.6?

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    Bug in kinetis.h for Teensy 3.6?

    There is the following define:

    But in the docs for the DMA MUX page 473 it is marked as reserved:
    11 Reserved —

    A comment below the table says "1. Configuring a DMA channel to select source 0 or any of the reserved sources disables that DMA channel." so it's probably not tragic, still it might cause puzzling errors or might be used elsewhere in code already.

    In any case, a comment should be added in kinetis.h to make clear if the docs were revised or the info that this source module is actually valid was obtained elsewhere.

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    I am pretty sure you are correct, as Teensy 3.6 does not have UART5, but Teensy 3.5 does (Serial6)

    On Teensy 3.6 Serial6 is implemented on LPUART0... LPUART has DMA sources on 58 and 59

    That is: #define DMAMUX_SOURCE_UART5_RXTX 11
    Is valid for T3.5 - as per page 95 of T3.5 hardware manual.

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