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Thread: New Bug in TeensyDuino 1.41

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    New Bug in TeensyDuino 1.41

    Hello Paul

    I discovered a new little bug in TeensyDuino 1.41 which was not there before.

    In my previous TeensyDuino version you have defined the USB version as 2.0.
    Now you wanted to change this into 1.1.
    I don't know why you did this.
    Version 2.0 would also be OK.
    But you did this incorrectly.

    in usb_desc.c

    / **************************************************************
    //   USB Device
    // **************************************************************
    #define LSB(n) ((n) & 255)
    #define MSB(n) (((n) >> 8) & 255)
    // USB Device Descriptor.  The USB host reads this first, to learn
    // what type of device is connected.
    static uint8_t device_descriptor[] = {
            18,                                     // bLength
            1,                                      // bDescriptorType
            0x01, 0x01,                             // bcdUSB
    #ifdef DEVICE_CLASS
            DEVICE_CLASS,                           // bDeviceClass
    THE USB version is BCD encoded.
    You define the USB version as 1.01.
    This version does not exist.
    Correct would be 1.10

    When you connect a Teensy USB device and start USBLyzer it shows the attached error message.
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    Opps, yup, a mistake. Fixed.

    Pretty sure it's been like this all along. I just looked at 1.30 (from June 2015) and it was this way at least that far back.

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