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Thread: External A/D 4.096v Reference - Teensy 3.5?

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    External A/D 4.096v Reference - Teensy 3.5?

    Need some clarification on a statement. On the page for Using Analog Inputs it makes a statement:
    Using Analog Inputs
    "You can buy voltage reference chips in different voltages. 4.096 volts can be nice, because it gives a larger signal range, and each step of the ADC is exactly 4 mv. The external reference must be less than or equal to the power supply voltage. "

    It says 4.094v reference would be nice. Yet it states that the external reference has to <= power supply voltage. The confusion is as I understand it all the Teensy boards use 3.3v. But how can you use a 4.094v reference when it's higher than the supply voltage?


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    That page is in reference to Teensy 2.0 and 2.0++ which are 5 V devices

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    3.3V is the max analog reference for Teensy 3.5.

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