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Thread: Options for 7" LCD screens for dashboard

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    If you take 10" as "large" then there's not much better than an iPad or Surface. Those are also much higher resolution than you can practically drive with a Teensy. I have a bunch of 10" displays from BuyDisplay and they are not particularly high resolution (1024x600) and not "sunlight readable".

    If 7" is large for you then there's some medium-high resolution displays like 1024x600 and 800x480. Once again, not sunlight readable and tablet type devices may be better for your usage.

    If your "large" is ten feet, then you're back in the range of Teensys again.

    I just got a new sunlight-readable 4.3" display from BuyDisplay. Putting it next to the old ones, it's dramatically better. You don't often say "night and day" but that truly is the difference with this one. But the resolution is only 480x272 so probably not what you mean by "high resolution".

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicoEFI View Post
    Hi talkiet
    I have buit a dashboard for megasquirt too with a nextion 4.3. [url] [/ url]. I want to add a GPS function and laptimer. Can you share your work please.
    commercial versions of these devices are ubiquitous and cheap. Here is the start of some code for a GPS timer.

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