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Thread: Best way to do electronic flute?

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    Best way to do electronic flute?

    I'm working on building an electronic flute/whistle. Basically, 10 notes, and depending on which buttons pressed, it outputs the relevant one. I've done a lower sound quality version on an atmega but this will be a step up. I'm looking at ideally 44k 16 bit mono sound, and as I've got the audio board, with STGL5000, it seems like a good option. Each of the sound samples is a continuous note.

    I'm not sure the most efficient/easiest/cleverest way to do the sound is, or even if it's possible. I only need one sound to play at once, but it's important that they switch sounds smoothly.

    I was thinking of using 10 raw sound files, one for each note, and playing them all simultaneously, with volume set to 0 for all except the note currently playing. But not sure if there is a better way to do this. My thoughts on this method were that it was probably faster to do that than to read them from SD/additional flash memory.

    Thanks for your ideas/inspiration!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulStoffregen View Post
    THanks - unfortunately this although it looks great is not the best for sound (or I'm misusing it) and the soundfonts are an extra trouble to make. Will keep investigating raw files etc, thanks

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    In addition to 10 on/off switches to select notes, do you also need a way to control the volume (a breath controller? foot pedal?) and perhaps other types of articulation (like how the timbre changes on a real flute when you blow harder)?

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    Not neccessarily - although it would be nice to have the ability to change pitch or possibly volume while playing, it's certainly not essential if there is a simple/elegant way to do it without pitch/vol responsiveness.

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