I am user of teensy 3.2 and i have some install with yun shield (dragino).
I would like to change the way I linked the program signal to yun, because it is always triggered at power on. Then bootloader waiting for loading teensy program to start. In case of crash of the yun part (and it already happened), the whole is blocked.

I am thinking use of rebootor, but I am not sure it is supported for teensy 3.2. In source https://github.com/PaulStoffregen/te...ootor/Makefile
# MCU name, you MUST set this to match the board you are using
# type "make clean" after changing this, so all files will be rebuilt
#MCU = at90usb162       # Teensy 1.0
MCU = atmega32u4        # Teensy 2.0
#MCU = at90usb646       # Teensy++ 1.0
#MCU = at90usb1286      # Teensy++ 2.0
I need some help to check it is the good way to improve reliability of my system.