Hey fellow members of the forum! I am back with some new questions and concerns after being unable to figure out as to what the next step is in pushing my new focused project further into finalization. This project is essentially a continuation from my previous thread I posted awhile ago: https://forum.pjrc.com/threads/54610...-LEDs-m-Strips but more focused towards a new design that I have came up with.

Previously, my project was focused on using the following items for the project:
(1) Teensy 3.6
(2) 3-4x WS2812B 144 LEDs/m strips
(3) Teensy Audio Shield
(4) Meanwell 24V 350W PSU but converted to 5V for my components

Now... my project is moving towards using everything that is listed above but with APA102/APA102C 144 LEDs/m strips and I have been facing some trouble for some odd reason but this is probably because I don't understand the working around the Data/Clock wiring as much as I did with just simply data wiring on the WS2812B. My project currently works fantastic in regards to it being under the WS2812B strips but as I switched over to using 1 APA102C/APA102 strips, the same issue is persisting and I am unsure as to why.

When I upload my code that I used for the WS2812B and made adjustments to switch towards the APA102/APA102C, it freezes. This occurs when I am using the FastLED library. An animation would go off and suddenly after a short period of time, it would freeze on one of the many patterns I have (and this is without audio reactivity). And with audio reactivity, it seems to not work entirely.

My next question continuing on from this is, how would I do multiple outputs of my animations to multiple strips of APA102/APA102C on the Teensy board if there is now extra CLOCK wiring that I need to account for whereas with the WS2812B strips, I could easily have used the OCTOWS2811 library offered for the Teensy to have data outputted in different singular pins?