I looking to build a daisy chain architecture with a bunch of Teensy 3.6 boards. I am exploring Ethernet as an option due to the potential for high speeds ( > 5Mb/s) . A 3-port Ethernet switch is required to do this. One port of the switch directly connects to the Teensy 3.6 while the other two serve as Input and Output. The Output of one "node" connects to the Input of the next node in the daisy chain.

The best switch, with a size comparable to that of the Teensy 3.6 board, I found so far is AC320004 from Microchip. It is a board meant to be used with PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit. I am looking answers for the following questions in particular but would happy to get any useful information.

1. Can I use this AC320004 board with Teensy 3.6? What are the things that I need to look at to validate this?

2. Is there any other small size Ethernet Switch that is compatible with Teensy 3.6? If there is one, what are the programming challenges?

PS: I am new to Teensy and Ethernet worlds.

Thanks in advance!