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Thread: MSGEQ7 maximum output voltage and teensy 3.6

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    MSGEQ7 maximum output voltage and teensy 3.6

    Hi - does anyone know the maximum output voltage of an MSGEQ7 if it is using 5v supply? The data sheet says it operates best at 5v, but I can't figure out what that means in terms of max output voltage, and I don't want to fry the teensy 3.6 since it is not 5v tolerant.

    Should I just run the MSGEQ7 at 3.3v, even though that's not it's best supply voltage?


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    The datasheet says minimum 3.5V swing, but typically 4V swing, for a 5V DC supply.
    I'd use a 3.3V power supply and then evaluate what the MSGEQ7 is not doing so well at 3.3V.

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