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Thread: Help me: Teensy 3.6 is missing

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    Help me: Teensy 3.6 is missing

    Hello Everybody,
    I have a problem with Teensy 3.6. For the Teensy 3.6 there are some new definitions necessery. I get this error:
    HTML Code:
    In file included from D:\Programme\Arduino\libraries\USB_Host_Shield_2.0-master/Usb.h:34:0,
                     from D:\Programme\Arduino\libraries\USB_Host_Shield_2.0-master/XBOXRECV.h:23,
                     from D:\Programme\Arduino\libraries\USB_Host_Shield_2.0-master\examples\Xbox\XBOXRECV\XBOXRECV.ino:8:
    D:\Programme\Arduino\libraries\USB_Host_Shield_2.0-master/avrpins.h:1134:2: error: #error "Please define board in avrpins.h"
     #error "Please define board in avrpins.h"
    In file included from D:\Programme\Arduino\libraries\USB_Host_Shield_2.0-master/Usb.h:36:0,
                     from D:\Programme\Arduino\libraries\USB_Host_Shield_2.0-master/XBOXRECV.h:23,
                     from D:\Programme\Arduino\libraries\USB_Host_Shield_2.0-master\examples\Xbox\XBOXRECV\XBOXRECV.ino:8:
    D:\Programme\Arduino\libraries\USB_Host_Shield_2.0-master/usbhost.h:101:2: error: #error "No SPI entry in usbhost.h"
     #error "No SPI entry in usbhost.h"
    Please help me resolve this problem? Really thanks so much!

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    It isn't shown where this comes from: "Arduino\libraries\USB_Host_Shield_2.0-master"

    Also not shown what hardware 'USB_Host_Shield' is or where it is from?

    Indications from the following are it may be an AVR specific library? :: USB_Host_Shield_2.0-master/avrpins.h:1134:2: error: #error "Please define board in avrpins.h"

    Teensy 3.6 is an ARM not AVR based processor so there are some low level register features not directly mapped and supported.

    Others [ KurtE ? most recently ] have been using a USB_Host_Shield of some flavor - and found a library to work with it on Teensy.

    What is to be connected ? Depending on usage - there is partial and developing use for NATIVE USB HOST support using onboard T_3.6 hardware so no shield would be required - and it would be much faster - if it is supported perhaps done better.

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    You need to post additional information like the code you were using.

    Are you up to date with the current version of the USBhost shield 2 code base?
    Did you follow the instructions for using with Teensy?
    It mentions:
    Teensy (Teensy++ 1.0, Teensy 2.0, Teensy++ 2.0, Teensy 3.x, and Teensy LC)

    Note if you are using the Teensy 3.x you should download this SPI library as well: You should then add #include <spi4teensy3.h> to your .ino file.
    I was able to get the stuff to compile earlier, although the hardware did not want to init, the first call would fail... Will try again probably soon.

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    Hangba2308 i have the UHS lib running on the teensy3.6 with the UHS-mini board, i bought at the tkjelectronics shop, that one is good for teensy3.6 and you get support from the guys who made it. Take the new UHS 2.0 version.
    I had that error also but not anymore after using the newer version. And the guys at teensy are busy with making support for the internal usb host on the teensy3.6 itself. But not jet xbox support i think.
    So it is just what you want.
    Do you have an ush host shield.
    It is fun, i have a PS4 controller and i can do all kind of things with the teensy 3.6.
    Great fun

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