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Thread: Need Help with Teensy 3.2 and Raspberry Pi 3 over USB

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    Need Help with Teensy 3.2 and Raspberry Pi 3 over USB

    I am really struggling and need some help getting my Teensy 3.2 and Raspberry Pi 3 working together over USB. My setup is a 28x14 LED display made with WS2801 pixels that are controlled by the teensy. In the past I had the USB going to an old XP desktop that was running the Glediator software and everything worked great and display was fast and looked awesome. Now I am trying to downsize get everything to run off a Raspberry Pi 3 and running into issues. I have the Glediator software installed along with RXTX. I installed the udev rules file and teensyduion. I can program the teensy from the Arduino IDE loaded on the raspberry pi but for some reason the Glediator is not seeing the teensy as an available Com port device. I found I could connect an Arduino Nano in place of the Teensy and I could get everything to "work" but as expected no where near as fast as the Teensy (and old XP machine). I found the Nano shows up at "ttyUSB0" on raspberry pi and in Glediator com port but Teensy shows up as "ttyACM0" in raspberry pi and does not show in Glediator at all. I would really appreciate any and all help. Please!! :-)

    #include "FastLED.h"
    #define NUM_LEDS 392
    //matrix size 28x14 = 392 total pixels
    const int dataline = 11;
    const int clockline = 13;

    CRGB leds[NUM_LEDS];
    void setup() {
    LEDS.addLeds(leds, NUM_LEDS);
    int serialGlediator() {
    while (!Serial.available()) {}
    void loop() {
    while (serialGlediator() != 1) {}

    for (int i=0; i < NUM_LEDS;i++) {
    leds.r = serialGlediator();
    leds.g = serialGlediator();
    leds.b = serialGlediator();
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    I think this is a duplicate posting?

    I answered on the other thread:

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    Yes sorry for the double post. I wasn't sure anyone would respond to that old post. Thank you for the reply.

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