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Thread: T3.5 ADC Readings Just Float

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    T3.5 ADC Readings Just Float

    Hey everybody,

    I've had a lot of experience with Arduinos (even a little with PIC32s) and decided to give the Teensy 3.5 a try. So far it's amazing, but I can't read any of the analog inputs other than A0-A9, A12, and A13.

    Just to clarify: A0-A9, A12, and A13 analog inputs work as expected, but inputs A14-A22 just show floating voltages when trying to read from a pot. It isn't the wiring - just GND and signal (might not be a great idea, but the pot is on an external supply).

    Here is the code:
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    void setup()
      pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
      digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
    void loop()

    Is there something I'm missing? Why do some analog inputs work and others don't?

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    Use analogRead(A22).

    When you use analogRead(22), it actually tries to read from pin 22, which is A8.

    Numbers 0-13 for A0-A13 are supported for compatibility with legacy Arduino (which has 6 or 8 analog inputs), but past 13 the numbers are ambiguous. You need to give it the actual pin number, or the names starting with "A".

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    Yup! That did the trick. Thanks so much!

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