Here is a first beta test for Teensyduino 1.42.

The main new feature is a "Teensy" section in the Tools > Ports menu which tries to show Teensy in all modes, not just Serial. Selection of these ports is by physical location on your computer, so as Teensy changes, the same physical location is suppose to remain selected.

The serial monitor is also new, when using these ports. A helper program named "teensy_serialmon" is used to talk to the hardware. This is meant to solve the dtr/online issues with Windows and the flaky Java serial communication on Macintosh, and allow the serial monitor to automatically reconnect in more cases.

The new ports menu is not yet used by teensy_reboot or Teensy Loader. I plan to add this soon. Please understand this is not done yet. Arduino still fundamentally supports only 1 selected port as a global setting. Please understand extending Arduino for multiple ports is outside the scope of this work. Please, let's not get distracted with talk of multi-port capability in TyQt (looking at you Defragster). Perhaps in the future I will hack Arduino, but for now the effort is going into this improved port detection and serial monitor connection to get away from the Java serial bugs.

Old beta download links removed. Please use the latest version:

Changes since Teensyduino 1.41

Add teensy_ports program and Tools > Ports "Teensy" section
Add teensy_serialmon - used for Serial Monitor when a "Teensy" Port selected
Fix USB Touchscreen
Add USB Touchscreen examples
Fix FlightSimFloat on Teensy 3.5
Fix USB bcdUSB number
Update OneWire, PS2Keyboard, SerialFlash, Time
Update PS2Keyboard

Known issues:

Only Arduino 1.8.5 has new Ports / Serial Monitor code
teensy_reboot does not use Ports menu yet - first/random Teensy gets auto-reboot
Teensy Loader does not use Ports menu yet - first/random Teensy gets upload
serial monitor title bar gets wrong info as device changes occur (maybe only on Windows?)
serial monitor slow updates (but still works) some cases, like 2ms delay between Serial.print
auto-restart of sketch on Teensy 2.0 not working
teensy_serial may get "stuck" and remain running, maybe 100% CPU usage
serial monitor might have leftover output from prior session when device reopened
teensy_ports may remain running after Arduino exits (Mac & Linux)
Windows XP - teensy_serialmon gets "partial USB device discovery" in some cases
Teensy model (2.0, LC, 3.2, etc) only show in Ports after uploading