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Thread: Teensy Voice Changer?

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    Teensy Voice Changer?

    Hello forum! First post here. I only just started with Arduino and Teensy and generally with hardware projects so please bare with me.

    I saw Teensy boards are the best for audio projects. I want to build a voice changer but, when I talk will there be a delay or will the sound come out changed at the same time I spoke it?

    Sorry if it is too dumb of a question, but as I said I just started with hardware projects :P

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    You can do many things with the Teensy audio functions for real time processing but some functions a PC based audio package does are too processing intensive for a teensy. There will be a slight processing delay, which is going to happen in pretty much anything that involves digital processing in batches. You also need to work out how you are going to get the audio in and our of the device so some of this project depends on if you buy a the audio board and use existing line in/line out hardware or if you are trying for a minimal volume battery powered custom build. Places to look at what is and is not possible are:
    especially the tutorial and the GUI
    Note the GUI will note do the coding for you, but does provide a framework of your connections and a really helpful online reference.
    If you do not already have it, downloading and installing Arduino+teensyduinio and looking at the audio examples can also give some shape to how you might structure things.

    Also \iIf you have not done effects before can also be helpful to play with a PC sound modification program to get a feel for what filtering and effects actually do, where you can make changes in real time and hear the results without needing to recompile anything. If you have already worked in this space then that is fine but otherwise may be worth a look. Only package I have personally used is supercollider, which is great fun but near vertical learning curve.

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