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Thread: Driving two channels with two op-amps

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    Driving two channels with two op-amps


    I need to use two channels of the ADC (either Audio Board or some other stereo ADC board) independently through two different op-amps. One op-amp is for the microphone, another one is for the guitar (so, I want to use one stereo input for both low and high impedance devices at the same time).

    Like this:

                         _____            ________
                        /      Mic op-amp         \
        _____ Left ____/  ____            ______   \__  Left
    Mic                  /                      \
        \_____ GND _____/                        \_____ GND    Stereo ADC
           _/           \                        /
    Guitar               \____               ___/    __ Right             
           \_  Right ___       Guitar op-amp        /
                        \_____               ______/
    Do you think it's going to work?

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    There is no reason why this should not work if it is designed and realized according to all the rules of art.

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    Thanks! I suppose I'm only going to discover the rules of art and I suppose I'll be coming back once the eBay delivery has arrived. But generally, I try to use the pre-soldered solutions (not just the op-amps, but the boards with all the resistor and capacitors), hopefully it'll go relatively smoothly and my final goal is 4 channels with mic/guitar switch for each channel .

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