I have successfully integrated the MK64FX512VLQ12 with an on board MKL04Z32 into my project. Now I want to build an external programmer and remove the on board MKL04, then have an external circut with the MKL04 to program the MK64. I'm wondering If I need to tie the PTE pins high or low on the MK64 for when the MKL04 is disconnected. I noted the Reset pin on the MKL04 is switched to GND. So should I tie the reset pin from the MK64 to 3.3V with a 5 or 10K resistor? even then without knowing how the PTE pin functions not sure how to deal with them.

Thanks for any advice.

Also if anyone wants the MK64 LQFP --> teensy eagle CAD files let me know i'm more that willing to share!

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