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Thread: damaged Teensy 3.0 question

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    damaged Teensy 3.0 question

    I left a T 3.0 on a small breadboard with a USB micro cable attached while in transit and in the process wrenched the USB micro socket off the board.

    two questions:

    1) How likely is this to cause damage that would render the board inoperable? It looks like the data pads were pulled off with the solder but how likely is it that losing these pads could leave a short or other defect that would stop the board from functioning if I am able to reconnect to the data pins from the reverse?

    2) Are the D+/- connections on the board the same as the T3.1 pinout? They are not labeled on the 3.0 or its pinout but I can see one via from the now missing connector leads to one of these two pads so I'm pretty sure the other is the same as the T3.1 but I'd like to be 100% before trying soldering something to it (especially given my limited soldering skills make success a dubious prospect to begin with).

    It is one of five I got at product close-out so I paid very little but it would still be useful if I can get the pins to a 'B' connector.

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