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Thread: Teensy 3.1 smoked?

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    Teensy 3.1 smoked?

    Was using a Teensy 3.1 hooked to 72 APA102 5050's using 2 18650 Li-ion's in series then regulated down to 5v with a UBEC. Cut the USB pad so that I could use USB while batteries plugged in. Teensy was running fine on battery so I then plugged in to USB port to change sketch, while plugged into computer, sketch continued to run, compiled new sketch and as soon as teensy loader came up my LED's quit blinking (POV sketch) and loader failed to upload to teensy. Tried to upload again, nothing unplugged everything from teensy still no go.

    What I've tried:

    1) Unplug all jumpers from teensy
    2) Different USB cable
    3) Different USB port
    4) Different computer
    5) Tested for 3.3v (OK)
    6) Followed holding button trick in this thread.

    Teensy no longer is seen by the operating system (WIN 7 x64) in Devices window (NO HID devices). No components are getting hot. Kinda looking like I've got a sick teensy. Anybody have any other suggestions?

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    Seems strange that it was all plugged in and running (USB from computer to Teensy and Teensy running on external, ubec regulated battery) fine until I uploaded a sketch, now teensy is completely unresponsive. Is it possible that the failed flash is causing my problems?

    Thanks in advance,

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