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Thread: Plans for a Basic Compressor for Audio Library?

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    Plans for a Basic Compressor for Audio Library?

    Hey, just wondering if a simple audio compressor object is planned for the Audio Library? It's a vital tool for signal processing and for me is the only thing missing from the amazing library (aside from a self contained parametric EQ object ).

    I've only been able to find these two posts:

    I'm playing around with those approaches but was just wondering if an official addition to the library is anywhere on the horizon.


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    It's on a very long list of audio features I had originally planned to do this summer, after launching Teensy 4.1. Sadly, PJRC has been running short-staffed since March due to social distancing for the pandemic. Just struggling to keep the business running without our normal people has *really* cut into my dev time this year.

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    If you're using a teensy 3.5 or 3.6 (and possibly T4.x), you can use one of the floating-point versions of the teensy audio library from the community. There are several out there.

    The two that I'm associated with both have compressors.




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    Ah well I'm glad to know that it's in the works and obviously Teensy continuing to exist is a much bigger priority lol. Thanks for all the hard work Paul!

    Chip I'll check out that library, thanks a ton!

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