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BTW blakeA, if I am understanding you correcttly in your point about not doing things "in the audio path" here's something to consider: When you change a CV at a high rate of delta (as you do digitally with ease) you introduce audible steps. This is why my synth does absolutely everything as an analog model in the "signal path" as much as possible: because every "CV" change needs to happen at sample rate, with proper rate limiting. There's more than 30 filters in my machine that just make sure "control voltages" don't change too fast, or even that square waves from lfos behave more "analog."
So here's what I found. With my modified AudioEffectEnvelope, I can use an envelope as a source of value whether or not it's routed through the audio path. The only requirement is that there is a real, valid output driver. If the driver is there, I can have an envelope, not connected to anything, and use its value. So, for example, if I am willing to sacrifice pin 7 on my T4, I can create a dummy SPDIF output. As long as the envelope has an input, it just works and can pass its value to my callback function. As stated below, this is cool if for no other reason than my envelopes can have LEDS on my front panel. This approach has the "advantage" of not really passing any DC signal through my audio path, but I can see your way of mixing it all together is very powerful, too.