Hi Paul,

Since you are doing some work on the audio libray at the moment may I suggest a useful addition to it - namely a reverse mixer.
Basically, it would work exactly like the current mixer object, but in reverse, i.e. one input and four outputs.
This would be a godsend for synth design using your library because at the moment its easy to mix several signals / control 'voltages' into one source.
But it is difficult (and very messy) to do things the opposite way, for example sending the output of one lfo to multiple objects (vco, vcf, vca etc), with the ability to control how much of that signal is fed to them. It would also make signal switching a lot easier when rerouting signals around the synth.

Another thing I wanted to ask about, is interfacing with audio objects in code to get a value.
Some of my synth objects use custom code for their waveform effects, but I've found myself having to write lfo's and envelopes in code to control them, purely to provide control values I can read.
Is there a simple way to access the output of waveforms, waveshapers, multipliers and envelope generators, so the output levels can be used to drive other parts of the code.
Bearing in mind I'm not a C programmer so don't have low level coding skills.

If not would it be possible to add an object into the audio design tool like the AudioOutputI2s object, that can read the current value of whatever is plugged into it and then make that value accessible via an object.readvalue() command, a sort of snapshot of the current value that can be read once per loop sort of thing.

Thanks for reading :-)