I'd like to build Paul's multi-channel board.


Looking at DigiKey shows some of the caps in the BOM are discontinued/unavailable.

GRM188R71E104KA01D, Murata Electronics North America, 490-1524-1-ND, 7, CAP CER 0.1UF 25V X7R 0603
CL21A475KOFNNNG, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, 1276-6463-1-ND, 14, CAP CER 4.7UF 16V X5R 0805
C0805C106K8PACTU, KEMET, 399-4925-1-ND, 7, CAP CER 10UF 10V X5R 0805
GRM31CD80J107ME39L, Murata Electronics North America, 490-10525-1-ND, 1, CAP CER 100UF 6.3V X6T 1206

Being new to surface mount, I could use some help choosing suitable replacements.

Particularly in regard to package and class.

thanks --