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Thread: I2C Restart with i2c_t3?

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    I2C Restart with i2c_t3?

    Simple question.

    Does the i2c_t3 library support I2C restart conditions? I have an I/O expander that you need to set the register address you want to start the read from (I2C Write), do a Restart, then do an I2C Read for however many bytes you need.

    It wasn't clear to me in the library documentation what I2C_NOSTOP means for the Wire.sendTransmission(^i2c_stop) fuction.

    With the Arduino Wire library Wire.endTransmission() explicitly says it will do a restart if you pass it a 0.

    I'd assume they'd behave the same way, but just want to make sure.


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    Found the answer to my own question.

    It doesn't do a repeated start, but does appear smart enough to allow you to do another start condition after a read or write if you use the ISC_NOSTOP in the function call.

    So the TLDR is that yes, it does support a repeated start (yay!)

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