I want to thank the community in this forum for guidance and suggestions while I was creating my recently completed Midi Controller. I definitely could not have made it without the help and guidance of members of this forum.

Here is some video documentation:


I call it a Smomid, which stands for String Modeling Midi Device. In the video I show a few of the ways that I play this instrument. I have an older version of this instrument that utilizes Arduino Megas, where I installed midi firmware in the USB port so they act as midi devices. That became really had for me to figure out this time so I migrated to a Teensy 3.6. There are two Teensys in this instrument. They send USB midi data to a computer that creates the audio in Max software.

One thing I learned, which I wish I new from the start, was to connect a small capacitor between the wiper and ground coming from each analog sensor (thank you Theremingenieur for that info!). It tames the signal, which is highly sensitive without a cap, and you constantly get updated MIDI data. All that midi data will swamp your software and eventually your music software won't be able to keep up. By adding those caps in minimizes this by a lot so it's not an issue.

Anyway, thanks again. I'm sure I will have a ton more questions about other Teensy related things in the future.