I was thinking about changing some of my WS2812 code from using the Adafruit_Neopixel library to WS2812Serial, and I had a question about pin usage.

Given you have several pins that can be used for each serial device, if you choose one pin, can you use the other pins for other uses? I assume it is the case, but I thought I would ask in case there is something going on underneath the covers that would prevent all of the pins from being used.

In my case, I sometimes use a Teensy LC to drive the LEDs, using the 5v buffer from pin A3/17 for the LEDs. I typically have pin 4 being used as a push button (along with pin 3), but I could use pins 1, 5, or 24 for WS2812Serial. As per the documentation, I would connect the pin used for WS2812Serial to the back pin.

However, I suspect I can't use the prop shield's buffers with the SerialWS2812 code (assuming I want to access the flash memory in the prop shield).