Hey guys,
I'm an absolute newbie.
I would like to solve the following problem:
From a technical process I get 10 different analogue values of pressure sensors.
The expected frequency of each signal is between 1 to 300 Hz.
I need to write this values in arrays (one per channel) with specific sample rate (about 1kHz = 1 point per millisecond; length of the array:8000 -> 8000 values in 8 seconds).
Are the two ADCs fast enough for the desired sample rate of 1 kHz per channel (10 channels)?
How coult I realize the sampling per time interrupt?
Does anyone have experience with time controlled recording of analogue values?
The next step is to make a FFT analysis from each of the 10 arrays.
I need the main frequency, the maximum amplitude and mean value of each channel.
I would like to transfer these values via CAN bus to a PLC (SIEMENS).
Are there good libraries for coupling via CAN bus?
Whitch libraries I could use for FFT analysis?
Is the TEENSY 3.6 fast enough to realize my project?

Where I can find literature and examples to realize spectral analysis with the TEENSY?

Thank you in advance.