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Thread: Octows2811 adaptor and nrf24l01

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    Octows2811 adaptor and nrf24l01

    I'd like to use nrf24l01 alongside a teensy3.2 mounted on Octo adaptor. SPI pins are unfortunately not routed out to edge of Octo. What would be a good way to physically tap those spin pins for the radio? I don't want to create a flaky/messy system, and ultimately I'd like to wire up 50+ of these.

    Thanks for any soldering wiring tips!


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    This board may have what you are looking for. SPI's are broken out on the comm module slot so its possible for you to make a simple daughter board with your nrf24l01. I also have both 5v and 3v headers with SPI etc on that slot. The pinout is for a w5200 Module (spi with 3v, Gnd Pins). the octo pins use the same level shifter IC and resistors for pixels.

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