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Thread: Which transistor to use?

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    Which transistor to use?

    Hi there,

    i want to control a LED strip which uses 12V. Each color got it's own power lane, so with PWM i should mix the colors i want.
    However i'm wondering which transistor i should use which i can hook up the the teensy (3.3V out afaik) and can handle the 12V.

    Unfortunalety i have not much electritian knowledge so i'm asking you, if you can recommend any transistor that fits in my case.
    I read a whole bunch of datasheets but due to my limited knowledge i don't really know which transistor can be used.

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    I've used this MOSFET from Adafruit successfully:

    They also have a tutorial:

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    you can also get the RFP30N06LE from adafruit, dont forget to get 10K ohm resistors for your mosfets

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    If you're controlling many of these 12V LED strips, these inexpensive boards usually end up costing less than you can even buy the bare transistors.

    The good news is you can very easily transmit DMX from Teensy 3.x using the serial ports. Serial1 & Serial2 are best because they have the FIFOs, for fewer interrupts.

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