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Thread: Audio Recording / Logging to SD card --> microSoundRecorder

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    Great thread - I will assemble a recorder for a last minute add-on (non critical path) for some field work in the Arctic Circle.

    Have any users experimented with additiional lowering of the Clock speed (below the currently configured 96MHz)? My MEMS mcis should arrive in a week, so I don't have the ability to experiment currently.

    This is a potentially good way to reduce power consumption when recording, assuming it doesn't compromise the recordings due to overflow or inability to write data at sufficiently high rates (I haven't dug into the firmware to see if things are DMA or not).

    Thank you

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    from the programming point of view, you can use also 24 or 48 MHz. The PLL is then always 96 MHz, so I'm not sure to reduce much the current.

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