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Thread: [queued] JD Teensy Breakout V1

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    [queued] JD Teensy Breakout V1

    Just wanted to share a breakout board that I made:

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    Lots of 5V - VIN sensors?

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    Potentially. It's sort of a blank slate for a number of different things. Wouldn't be appropriate for everything of course. But it is really helping me organize the layout of the project I am working on.

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    Any chance for another photo... hopefully of this breakout board used to connect several sensors?

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    Sure, Paul. See below. This is the project I built with it, though I have stepped away from it for a bit. There's also a 4th control (pot) not shown here.

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    I'd like to buy some Rev 1.0 PCB's

    Quote Originally Posted by Shivasongster View Post
    Just wanted to share a breakout board that I made:
    Where can I buy (or have made) 2+ of your Teensy Breakout PC boards?

    Thanks very much for making new Teensy prototype boards!!!


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    Hey Joe,

    Thanks for writing.

    I only have one board in stock for sale, plus one left over for my personal use. I might be willing to let that one go too if you are really interested. After that, I am out.

    I'd need to check with my original supplier to see if they could work something out to ship more, possibly on demand. I hadn't planned on another run of these since demand was low, and I felt the board could use some tweaks first. Just haven't gotten around to it.

    Let me know your level of interest and we can talk off line.

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    Hey Joe, I saw your order and have been trying to reach you. Please check your email.

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    For anyone still interested, I am now out of stock here at home. I've moved this over to print on demand from PCBWay:

    This should be much easier for everyone as they handle all the fulfillment needs.

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