Hello, I need to develop a HID controller for our windows 10 app. I need at least a jog shuttle / dial or directional pad to control our app and a few buttons, all compact like 8cm x 4cm, where on the board (teensy I think but not sure if ok) must send keyboard strokes to the software or windows. Like if when the user click on next directional button a key of alt + 5 were sent to the O.S. then if user press in the middle say alt + enter etc.. basically to control our sofware by a jog dial shuttle buttons etc..

Additionaly if possible I would like to mount a display, lcd or oled and to be able to programm what the display shows depending on user interaction with the

Ive seach but no found any case with dial shuttle jog or directional pad (left top right down buttons)

Can you guys help me if teensy is ok, which model, where to find components in EUrope and some manual or blog or info on how to develop a basic controller for our software

basically to developlp something like JL Cooper mcs6 but smaller and with a display if possible