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Thread: Problem about Teensy 2.0 no inputs

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    Problem about Teensy 2.0 no inputs

    Hi everyone, at present, I have a teensy 2.0 that has no reading at vcc and no inputs when triggered. I have loaded programs to test led flashing and it works, I also have loaded the program on another teensy so I know it works. It also registers in windows as a keyboard or joystick depending on the program but no inputs are registered. What do you think about that problem, is it ok? Thanks for reading

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    Without seeing the code, it's hard to know exactly what you're doing. But if you're reading input pins without anything connected, the results can be expected to be random, not zero. Reading logic HIGH or sometimes HIGH & sometimes LOW is normal when the input is "floating". Stable zero is only the expected result when the pin is connected to GND by a wire or resistor.

    If this didn't help, please consider we can't see what you're actually doing unless you show up (eg, photos).

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