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Thread: Teensy 3.2 + OctoWS2811 + playing Quick Time Movie from SD Card

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    Teensy 3.2 + OctoWS2811 + playing Quick Time Movie from SD Card


    I would like to build a wall mounted lightbox with 32 (hight) x 60 (width) LEDs WS2811 (total 2.160 LEDs)
    The installation will be in a Café und no external controllers would be possible, everything has to fit in the box.

    I would like to play Quick Time Movies from SD Card, as far as I understood, I will need

    2 x Teensy 3.2
    2 x OctoWS2811
    32 x LED stripes WS2811 with each 60 LEDs
    sufficient power supplies

    1) I would like to store the Quick Time Movie on a SD Card, which type of SD Card slot uses the Teensy 3.2 ?
    2) is there a way to start the Quick Time Movie, whenever the Lightbox is AC powered up, so in the late afternoon
    the Café-owner would just power-up the lights and the Lightbox would start playing the Video? When the
    Café closes it would be just disconnected from mains and restarted next day. Would that work reliable?
    3) is there way to run the Quick Time Movie in an endless loop?
    4) most likely I would like an external SD card slot (build in, somewhere underneath the Lightbox housing)
    so I could change once a month the Quick Time Movie. How could I connect an external SD card slot?

    Thanks for your help!

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    1) Not sure if there is a .mov (Quicktime) decoder library, since it is a proprietary format from Apple. Depending on what you find on libraries, you'll have most probably to convert your video into a different format. The Teensy 3.2 has no SD card adapter by itself, only the Teensy 3.6. For the 3.2, you'd need a separately available SD card shield.
    2) Yes (the only constraint are your coding skills)
    3) Yes (the only constraint are your coding skills)
    4) Design your circuit board to place the Teensy or its SD card shield in a way that the SD card slot is accessible when the PCB is installed in the housing.

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