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Thread: Analog Output over HID

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    Analog Output over HID

    I'm researching to use the Teensy as a standard HID device (using the standard windows HID functionality, without writing or installing an additional driver).

    Reading in analog and digital values seems to be straightforward with selecting 'USB Type: Keyboard + Mouse + Joystick'.

    I'm having an harder time confirming that sending a analog or digital output from the PC to the Teensy is straightforward with the standard HID protocol. Some joystick or other HID devices provide force feedback, but maybe this can only be done over a custom windows driver and not over the standard HID protocol.

    Anyone experience with this subject? Using a virtual serial driver could be an alternative.


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    It depends if you're willing to create non-driver software on the PC side. If so, use RawHID.

    If not, I'm afraid most of the pre-defined HID types like Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Touch Screen are all about getting data from users into the PC. Some people have used the keyboard LEDs, but that's quite kludgey.

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