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Thread: Simplest accelerometer+magnetometer breakout?

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    Simplest accelerometer+magnetometer breakout?

    I want to determine orientation at rest, using an accelerometer with high resolution and small range.
    Need only +/- 1G.
    But I also want to measure the magnetic field vector.

    Do I have to go for a full IMU (don't need gyro etc.)? Or combine two parts? Is there an all-on-one breakout for the static case?


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    Did you have a look at the Teensy prop shield?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theremingenieur View Post
    Did you have a look at the Teensy prop shield?
    Did, but not closely enough. It's 9 DoF. I thought it was an IMU, but the gyro is separate.

    So the FXOS8700CQ would be an option

    and I already planned on getting a prop shield for experiments anyway.

    But I need something cheaper that does just accelerometer (inclination, really) plus magnetic field.

    All the breakout board for the FXOS8700CQ I found - NXP, adafruit etc. - have the gyro as well. Most people care about motion, not orientation at rest. I can get the adafruit board and ignore the FXAS21002, but I am going to need a number of these, and if I can find an existing breakout, I'd rather not start by trying to roll my own.

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    There's the LSM303, for which breakout boards exist, but they aren't any cheaper. I was hoping for $5-$10, not $15+.

    Edit: eBay provides. I needed to start looking for eCompass etc., not 6DoF.

    Edit2: better yet - just mislabeled as gyro
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    The Tindie part is just the chip, so I am looking at these in earnest:

    If anybody has used this, or something similar, and has any caveats to share, I'd appreciate it. If there are cost-competitive alternatives, same. Thanks!

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    The LSM303AGR is the latest version of the chip, not sure when the rest will go obsolete.

    If you want something lower cost but reliable try the Pololu breakout.

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