Here is a sixth beta test for Teensyduino 1.42.

The main new feature is a "Teensy" section in the Tools > Ports menu
which tries to show Teensy in all modes, not just Serial. New native
(no Java serial library) serial monitor code is also with these ports.

Old beta download links removed. Please use the latest version:

Changes since Teensyduino 1.42-beta5

Improve multiple instance check in teensy_ports
Add -L option to teensy_ports (intended for PlatformIO)
Treat "narrowing conversion" as compiler warnings, not errors
Fix product ID for Flightsim+Joystick USB type
Audio: allow WAV files with extra/junk sections before "fmt" info
Ethernet: document Ethernet.init(cspin) in all examples
OctoWS2811: Fix timing problem on Teensy 3.5
USBHost_t36: Fix clobbering of pipe config on endpoint size change
USBHost_t36: Improve enumeration of Multi-TT hubs