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Thread: udev rules for multiple teensies

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    udev rules for multiple teensies


    I am using multiple Teensies connected to one PC (running Debian) and get confused with uploads from Arduino IDE / Teensduino, because the device names are not persistent. I successfully tried to make udev rules creating symlinks, but Arduino IDE ignores symlinks. Is there any other way to distinguish between multiple Teensies? I would like to program them from multiple instances of Arduino IDE / Teensduino...

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    Use the latest beta version.

    There is now a "Teensy" section in the Ports menu. The selections are based on actual hardware location (which actual USB port on your computer or any of your USB hubs) rather than the port name.

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    Have you tried the new TeensyDuino with Beta 6 just released? It has a new Tools / Ports section with name info provided by PJRC in a new Teensy section. It will only ID by Teensy Type - so two T_3.6's will report the same, though doing one Verify and Button upload will point out which is which … until it changes?

    Would be nice if Serial# was handy to add to the name.

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    Many thanks for the solution!

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