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Thread: what's the data transmision i need with this system

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    what's the data transmision i need with this system

    I set up and teensy 3.2 with 3 sensors:

    1 microphone
    1 temperature sensor
    1 load sensor

    the next step is get a wifi module to connect it via wifi.

    i need a range of at least 300 meters to connect this system to an AP. Maybe nrf24 + antena is good option?

    But i have doubts about this the main problem with this is reliability. can i get a connectivity module with this requeriments?

    I search a lot on the internet but i don't have idea of some solution.

    Can someone can help me? any idea?

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    I don't know the answer, but I was curious, and it looks like 300 meters is way too far away for normal wifi (304 meters is the max distance listed):

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    It is outdoor.

    Maybe with antena can extent the range?

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    Suggestion: Describe your whole project and goals. That way, you might get better suggestions. For example, can you use a wireless protocol different than Wifi? I'm thinking LoRa, which is lower throughput but longer range.

    Also... a few years back I was looking to replace a long Ethernet cable (near the max length allowable) with WiFi. At that time I did some research but never implemented it. I found information about Directional WiFi. I searched again just now and found plenty of results to investigate. Here's one. This looks very encouraging if you are willing to buy or DIY something like this.

    Good luck. Please keep us posted on your progress.

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