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Thread: Keypad Library with pulldown resisters?

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    Keypad Library with pulldown resisters?

    I'm working in a project midifying an electronic organ for vpo software. The existing hardware is setup in a 12x16 diode matrix with active-high signals.

    I have a couple questions:
    1. Does the Teensy 3.6 include built-in pulldown resisters? My research on-line has been inconclusive. If it does, could they be implemented with a simple pinMode([pin], INPUT_PULLDOWN);?

    2. Can the the Keypad library be configured to us active-high? Or alternatively, is there a similar library that can?


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    Yes and No.

    Yes, Teensy 3.6 does have INPUT_PULLDOWN mode.

    No, the Keypad library automatically uses INPUT_PULLUP internally. It configures the pins for you. Other than editing the library code, the way it works is fixed and does not have any option to use the opposite polarity signals.

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