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Thread: Blog Guidelines

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    Blog Guidelines

    Hey Peeps,

    I am new to this forum, I am a writer and a website designer.

    I want to ask what is the procedure to submit your blog here??


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    All you need to do is post a message here with info about your Teensy-based project.

    We don't have rigid requirements, but at least 1 photo or video is needed. Of course the project should have a Teensy in it somewhere! Usually we refrain from posting if there isn't at least some mention somewhere that Teensy was used, or a photo shows the Teensy inside. A name of the project and a clear description of *what* (not so much "how", but "what") it does helps.

    You can post the photos and info here, or give us a link to your website or other location you've posted. But please make sure anywhere you share the info has a permalink we can actually use. Private groups & albums on Facebook don't allow linking from outside Facebook, so please don't use those. Instagram tends to work well. Youtube is best for videos.

    Projects do not need to be open source or have technical details disclosed to be shown on the blog, but we've heard feedback that people do prefer to see projects where the code is shared in github. If you are willing to share your code, I'd highly recommend putting it on github.

    Please understand we (usually) post a new project once every 2 days. There are currently about 90 of them in the queue waiting to post. We do make a special effort to prioritize time sensitive projects. If you're launching a Teensy-based project on a crowdfunding site, or even something which merely used a Teensy in the prototype (and says so), we try to get an article up during your funding period. We're flexible and try to use best judgment, so just let us know if the timing matters.

    Just to again state the obvious, the blog shows projects people make with Teensy. If you're making websites that run on ordinary servers that don't somehow use a Teensy board, then obviously that's no material we would show on the PJRC blog. The PJRC website has zero ads and we never accept payment for placing content. The only way to get onto the blog is to actually make a project using a Teensy!
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