Salutation to the Community of this forum!
I noticed that few years ago, somebody called Paul Stoffregen, rised enough money to create the teensy project. He used a crowfounding site untitled kistarter. 3 days ago i did it too. Let me tell you in a few words what is the purpose of mine:

First it's a little one! I like making scale models and painting miniatures. I did an Embedded system in order to light up a little car 1/24 scaled. I just come back from an exhibition in France where i could show my work and people were very interested. for instance, somebody asked me to design a system that sound when the motor throttles. As I used teensy for sound projects! ( thanks to the work of Paul S.). I answer him it was possible
Now i'm triing to rise the amount of 1700, then i will be able to launch diferent types of productions.
I'm asking for free donation, I will be gracefull for any kind of help and i thank you for your attention.
Here is the link of my project.
ma page