Continuing with my Teensy - Audio Library - Audio Shield adventures.
on a mac OS10.12.5
Teensy 3.2 with Audio shield (Wkshop Tutorial Kit)

I have successfully completed workshop tutorial examples using provided WAV files and all works great. When I try to create and load my own .wavs onto the SD card, it doesn't play the files.

Note: I had a similar issue when trying to use my .wavs to play from the Teensy FLASH memory. The solution was to use Audacity and export as WAV (Microsoft signed 16-bit PCM. This worked for playing samples from Teensy flash memory.

I cannot play .wavs from the SD card however. It works fine with provided workshop WAV files but not mine. I've done the same and exported from Audacity with no luck. I also tried using To WAV Converter for Mac OS, also no success.

My sketch and audio files can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wzdt4uc7y...lFS0SWO1a?dl=0

The file labeled Aud are exported from Audacity, file labeled ToWAV from ToWAV...

Please if anyone can help figure out what is going wrong here I'd greatly appreciate suggestions.
Thanks in advance.